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We are specialists in the construction of public toilets

Since over 40 years we are planning, producing and installing premium modules and casings out of high-grade steel and concrete. Our range of products contains vandal-resistant sets, quickly enabled toilets and individual, customized maintenance of the toilets. Our team consists of experts of the plumbing-, electronic- and metal-construction-sector. With our in-house developments, we provide our customers a broad selection of standardized products. Furthermore, we create object-specific solutions in cooperation with architects and authorities.

Multifunctional Module Unisex

Compact, unisex and vandal-resistant toilet-cabin in rust-free high-grade steel that allows a standing, contact free floating or a sitting use. Oversize, special toilet bowl with a high grade of self-cleaning and foldable toilet-seat. The toilet bowl as washbasin. The hand water pours out of the sidewall. In one piece or disassembled installation possible.

Multifunktionsmodul Unisex

Concrete M

Freestanding toilet installation out of concrete, 100mm isolated, smooth external structure, toilet door out of high-grade steel 1.4301, wet grinding 4N, matt vibrated or 2B

Beton M

Inox L

Freestanding toilet installation in high-grade steel, material 1.4301, wet grinding 4N, matt vibrated or 2B

Multifunktionsmodul Unisex
ISO certified ISO 9001:2015 For work in the public sector
Instruction Instruction for cleaning Instruction for maintenance
Delivery Service Spare parts Detergents Consumables (Toiletpaper, Soap, etc.)
Maintenance Repairs Maintenance Service contracts